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Maintenance Policy

It is the policy all equipment’s used to train during and after our training sessions must be in good functional state and decontaminated after each use to avoid any unhealthy consequences on the user’s health.


To communicate the decontamination process required for the of First Aid and other equipment that ensures the safest learning environment for individuals taking their training with Covenant Health.


To minimizes the risk of communicable disease transmission. (infection control)

Procedure & Maintenance

Perform Hand Hygiene Prior To Entering CPR Class At the registration desk prior to entering the CPR class each participant must clean their hands using an alcohol-based hand rub.

After each demo the participant should clean the mouth of manikins with alcohol swab

CPR Equipment:

  1. BLS equipment should be decontaminated following each class.
  2. Students should be given every opportunity to practice skills before testing at the end of class; if their manikin has been taken away and decontaminated then they will not have the benefit of this additional practice time.
  3. Students should be tested using the manikin that they have been working with during the class. Sharing a testing manikin increases the risk of cross contamination.
  4. Only clean equipment should be placed in the carrying containers for transportation. If equipment cannot be decontaminated at the teaching site, then it should be placed in garbage bags for transportation to the site where decontamination will occur.

Procedure for “Re lunging” manikins

  1. The only way to be certain that the lungs are clean in a manikin is to take them from the bag and put them in the manikin at the time of assembly just prior to the class.
  2. “Re lunging” manikins after they have been decontaminated, so they are ready for the next class date, reduce the risk for cross contamination.
  3. Training manikins, that are stored in contained bags may be considered exempt. The training lungs that are used in this program are recyclable.

Procedure for Bag Valve Masks That Can Not Be Taken Apart

  1. BVMs that do not come apart for cleaning, pose a risk of cross contamination if they are used on “contaminated” manikins. This type of BVM should only be used on clean manikins. If using BVM’s that cannot be disassembled, additional manikins should be assembled and made available for practice purposes during the BVM/advanced airway segments.
  2. Procedure for Replacing AED pads
    Once the AED pad loses its ability to stick or has become visibly dirty it must be replaced. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that these pads are replaced at the end of the instructional class.
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