More youth being detected with hypertension

Dependence on junk food and canned food coupled with lack of exercise is the main reason for lifestyle diseases, says official Dubai: More younger patients are being detected with hypertension, said a top health official in the UAE. Sedentary lifestyle …

Three cups of coffee a day keep the doctor away: Studies

Coffee addicts and aficionados often say drinking the bitter liquid makes life worth living, but the habit may also help them live longer, according to two major international studies Monday. Experts cautioned, however, that the US and European reports, published …

Drone to deliver defibrillator to hear attack victims

Dubai Ambulance considering new cargo drone that can reach ‘large area events’ within minutes Dubai: Say hello to the world’s reportedly fastest aerial cargo drone which can deliver at 155km/h an automated heart defibrillator to a heart-attack victim in Dubai …

Decoding “Super Foods”: Things you must know!

They are easily available, don’t cost a fortune and best of all, taste wonderful!   1. Chia seeds Packed with fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids, this little seed can help regulate appetite. How much: 1 tbsp a day is sufficient …

UAE is Hiring Nursing Students

It will grant 45 scholarships to qualified female and male secondary students If you have been planning to take up nursing, this is the best time to go for a course since the UAE is giving a huge impetus to …

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