How To Become A Trainer

Warmly welcome you as an instructor

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Thank you for choosing Bactmed:

Requirement for someone to be an instructor:
The only requirement for someone to be an instructor is that the instructor need to have an account first. If you have an account at our website you can fill the registration form on your left side to become an instructor. If you do not have an account please register on our website first.

You can also register on our website as an instructor through register link at the top right corner. When you fill the register form, just select an option "Become an instructor".
You care, We care!

Please be careful about these points:
1 - Fill the registration form with your personal information as your emirates id.
2 - Upload authenticate content of course.
3 - Do not use copyright content at our website.
4 - Upload related content to for a course.
4 - Keep yourself online at website to check students progress.
5 - Check your email for our any further instructions.

If you have any question regarding these rules, please contact to our support.
Thank you for choosing BACTMed.

You can upload your course with easy way. Please follow these instructions:
1 - Mouse hover to left top corner at "New" link. Click on courses.
2 - You can add lessons first. Just click on lesson through "New" option.
3 - After lesson: Click on Learnpress->courses and then click add new course.
4 - Fill all instructions, Assign your lessons to your course. That's it!
5 - We have all available tools to upload course & Lesson: PowerPoint, PDF, Video, Text, Images etc.

If you need any further help, please contact to our support to help you with this.
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